Chapter One

A caring companion. A lifelong friend

Warm the heart of your dearest one

Choose a cuddly companion for the one you hold dear. We have Logoe, the 8’’ adorable beige bear who loves to travel, Martie, the 5 ft tall plush bear who can listen your stories, & give you a big hug, and Toby, the 25” furry stuffed bear who will accompany you through every TV episodes

Celebrate every special occasion

Whether it is for your birthday party, graduation, wedding party or for your newborn baby, you will always be able to find the one and only teddy bear to embody the special moment in any occasions.

teddy bear

Step 1. Pick your Bear

Pick me up - every teddy bear looks different as all of them are handmade and come in various fur and sizes

teddy bear shorts

Step 2. Choose an Outfit

Help me chose an outfit - choose the clothes and accessories for your teddy bear from the closet that get new collections every season


Step 3. Take me Home

Take me home or for someone special - Name your teddy bear, write its tale on a card, and take it home or for someone special

Teddy Story Cafe

There's also a Teddy Bear themed café at the back of our store to give you a private, cozy atmosphhere where you can simply slow down and enjoy the time with your friends and family.

Get a mug of specialty coffee prepared by our certified barista to boost your day, or a cup of our loose leaf organic tea to relax after a long one, or a jar of real fruit smoothie to cool off a hot summer day.

coffee picture

© Amara Strand. Picture by Amara Strand Studio



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